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With over a decade of experience, Clearpath Wills provides a personal, professional service to the Oxfordshire area 7 days a week.

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Founded in Banbury, Clearpath was created to continue a legacy of highly trusted, reputable Estate Planning services. We started out with a clear goal – to provide a personal, trustworthy service for the local area at a competitive price, without compromising on quality or professionalism.

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We benefit from decades of Estate Planning within our team of lawyers, drawing advice from some of the leading local professionals and solicitors in Banbury. We deliver top quality customer service with the professionalism you need to feel confident in the security of your estate. Our services all have a personal touch as we encourage all of our clients to meet to discuss their needs. We can facilitate in-office, phone, or Zoom conversations depending on the needs of each individual.

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We offer a wide range of legal financial estate planning services. Based in Banbury, we have our own offices but offer a home visit service for a more personable experience. We are also able to work remotely for those clients who would prefer this.


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Our team benefits from legal qualifications, experience, and reputable advisors.


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Your information is safe with us, and we promise to treat all clients with respect & sensitivity.


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Our prices offer excellent value without compromising on the quality.

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Here at Clearpath we know Estate Planning can be a sensitive and intimidating process. We’re here to help and ensure you can be confident that your assets will be handled appropriately both now and for your family’s future.

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Certainly, we can assist in reducing your inheritance tax through various methods, including will writing and establishing trusts. By evaluating your financial situation, property, and family circumstances, we create a plan that addresses your concerns about children, spouse, and other beneficiaries. Our approach focuses on simplifying the process, offering you comfort and control over your estate’s future. This ensures that your decisions are honoured, and your estate is managed efficiently to minimise tax implications.

To ensure the validity of a will, it must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. It should be created by an individual who is at least 18 years old.
  2. The creation of the will must be a voluntary act, free from any external coercion.
  3. The individual drafting the will should be of sound mind, fully understanding the document’s nature and its contents, including awareness of their assets and the potential beneficiaries.
  4. The will must be documented in writing.
  5. The individual creating the will must sign it in the presence of two witnesses.
  6. These two witnesses must also sign the will while in the presence of the person who has made the will, subsequent to its signing by the creator.

Estate planning involves preparing a document to manage the distribution of property and inheritance after death. It includes important tasks such as appointing an executor, setting up guardianship for dependents, and often involves a lawyer. The aim is to ensure one’s legacy is distributed as desired.