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Why have a will?

Writing a Will is an essential part of estate planning, and it can provide numerous benefits for both you and your loved ones. It will ensure your assets are distributed to your wishes, appoint guardianship for any dependencies, ensure efficiency in estate taxes, protect any businesses you leave behind, and importantly will avoid family disputes over entitlements.

Overall, Writing a Will is a crucial step in ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, your loved ones are taken care of, and your estate is protected. We can provide professional consultation on Estate Planning services throughout the process.

Which will is right for you?

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Single Will

This is a Will written by an individual to instruct their Executors of their wishes, and how they would like their estate to be dealt with when they pass away, but a Single Will is not only for single people. You can have a Single Will if you are in a relationship, married or in a Civil partnership.

Single wills priced at £199.

Mirror Will

Mirror Wills are where married couples, or partners effectively ‘mirror’ each other’s wishes leaving the surviving spouse/partner their estate, then on second death down to children, family or whomsoever they wish. If a married couple do not have a Will, on first death the first £270,000 goes to the surviving spouse and the balance is split equally between the surviving spouse and any children the person had. This could cause difficulties in the future if the children are from previous relationships. See Complex/Bloodline Wills for more options.

Mirror wills priced at £299.

Complex/Bloodline Will

If a couple marry and each have children from a previous relationship, this would be the best option to consider. Also, if you are concerned about care home fees in the future, this is also the best way to deal with it. Rather than leaving your estate to your partner/spouse, half the house or estate goes into Trust on first death then if the remaining partner/spouse remarries or needs care, only half of the assets can be looked at. You may also be interested in Lifetime Trusts – see our Trusts page for more information.

Complex/Bloodline wills priced at £599.

Writing a will Professionally is an essential part of estate planning

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